I’m supposed to write something funny for NWR in the middle of the political train wreck called the Democan and Repubcrat conventions?

Sure, right, you betcha.

All right!  I’ll try my hand at political tumor humor.

The Democratic Party is building a wall around their convention to keep politicians safe, but we shouldn’t build a wall on our southern border?

Then Debbie WhatsHerName-Shouldtz gets outed by Russian hackers and BOOOOOO’d off stage.  It looks like the hacker’s have a few of Hillary’s emails, too.  That should make an entertaining bed-time story.

I’ve seen memes of Trump’s face on Hitler’s body and Hillary’s face on Hitler’s body.


From: Sodahead.com                               From: thegatewaypundit.com

Thankfully, I have not yet seen Hillary’s face on Trump’s body (and vice versa), but I’m positive there has to be a meme out there for that, too.

I’ve seen meme’s so ridiculous it makes me wonder how anyone could believe them:


Are you starting to get the picture?

Yes…No…Maybe…Could you repeat the question?  Anyone…Anyone?

Y can’t people learn how 2 spel????

When it comes to political memes it looks like the Dems and Reps are playing the same game:


There is so much crap about politics on all social media I feel like I’m growing a political tumor – in my rectum – one that can’t take much more of this S#!t!

Ready for a cat meme?


Obviously, my cat doesn’t like my scissor collection. 

Dogs love us so much!  What we need is a cute dog meme!


All right.  I give up on dog and cat memes. 

How about a lizard meme?


Slimy bastard!!!!

This just isn’t working. 

How about a tick meme?



Now I’m really getting pissed!!!

Llamas!  That’s what I’ll do, I’ll look up Llama memes!  What @$$wipe is going to make a political meme out of llamas?


You can’t get away from it. 

If there’s an animal in existence, it has a political meme.

The political tumor is now so large I feel like I’m 6 months pregnant with sextuplets.   Excuse me while I drink some Milk of Magnesia. 

Cherry flavored, of course.


Even cherries are political now?  How dare they screw with the fruits of our labor!

I think I’ll go outside and watch a butterfly land on a lizard.  Hah!  Talk about impossible!


Not so much.

Even that got hijacked as a meme.


From:  imgflip.com

I’ve got it!  Who in their right mind is going to make a social media meme that’s both religions and political.

Is nothing sacred?