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I thought it would be a challenge to round up a selection of posts and tweets that made me laugh. I was wrong.

But then, I always believed education to be a GOOD thing. So, I was wrong two times.

And it’s not even noon yet. Which, just to be clear, is the opposite of midnight. I know both feature the number 12, but there is a difference.

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I’m supposed to write something funny for NWR in the middle of the political train wreck called the Democan and Repubcrat conventions?

Sure, right, you betcha.

All right!  I’ll try my hand at political tumor humor.

The Democratic Party is building a wall around their convention to keep politicians safe, but we shouldn’t build a wall on our southern border?

Then Debbie WhatsHerName-Shouldtz gets outed by Russian hackers and BOOOOOO’d off stage.  It looks like the hacker’s have a few of Hillary’s emails, too.  That should make an entertaining bed-time story.

I’ve seen memes of Trump’s face on Hitler’s body and Hillary’s face on Hitler’s body.


From:                               From:

Thankfully, I have not yet seen Hillary’s face on Trump’s body (and vice versa), but I’m positive there has to be a meme out there for that, too. Read the rest of this entry »


This post is bananas.

Welcome to a special holiday edition of the report. Or, as dad liked to say, “A day late and a dollar short.”

Happy Father’s Day!

Since none of my kids are talking to me, I decided to cozy up to the computer and pound out some drivel to pass the time. As a lover and aficionado of social media, I hope you’ll enjoy the following true story. You might want a full body condom, though.


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