I wrote out a post the other day, and earlier I completely destroyed it. Why, you might ask? Because Nudge Wink is supposed to be funny. It’s supposed to offer up witty insights in what’s happening in the world, yet my earlier post wasn’t funny and it wasn’t insightful. I made a pledge when I started writing it to not discuss You-know-who, as frankly I’m sick of him, but without taking aim the obvious orange elephant in the room, what is there to say? What material exists that can transform this post from a thoughtful yet unfunny monologue, to something that has you aching from side-splitting laughter? So much so that if you’re reading this at work, you say to your boss:


I wish to entertain you, yet this meerkat feels out of creative juice. At least, he’s all out if he wants to be original and try something different.

Maybe I’ll regal you with a chapter from my upcoming novel…


Or not. It’s badly written trash anyway (I wonder what that reminds me of?)

So where do we take this introspective little post? Especially if we wish to avoid You-know-who? I could speak of work – but who wants to hear about the world of bathroom sales? Such a post wouldn’t make much of a splash.


Come on, pull yourself together. You’re better than this.

He’s right, I can do better. I’m just not sure I can do better right now. My dismay with the world is frustrating me.

On the horizon though, is a bright light. One that allows my full geek to show. One that I have been waiting for since forever. Something that I’ll talk to you about all night, even if we were down the pub, and you were trying to get away from me. I keep dreaming about it – it’s invading my subconcious and my every waking thought. What is it that keeps a meerkat so excited? This:


What is it you ask? The Nintendo Switch. I get to finally touch one in more or less a week’s time, and let me tell you, I am going to cry when I do. Yes, this meerkat is likely to well up when he gets hold of this device. I owe my mother big time for making this happen – thank you mum! It will transform cold and damp February into dramatic and epic adventure March. I will leave behind the wretched politics of this world for the world of Hyrule and take a journey to meet old friends.

You know what? This is going to be my sage advice to you all. Every time You-know-who does something stupid, we gobble it up and give him airtime. Let’s stop doing that. Let’s stop giving the spoilt toddler so much attention and simply walk away. Drink beer. Play games. Hug loved ones. Go for a walk. Take a deep breath and detox from him. Remind yourselves of what’s good in this world, and of what you enjoy. Deny him battle, and when the time is right, choose a fresh fight of your choosing. Be good to each other.