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Over on my personal blog, Meerkat Musings, I’ve been aiming to post at least once a day, every day, throughout 2023. So far, I’ve succeeded, but there is still a loooong way to go! I have been seeking inspiration for prompts, and one scheduled post will offer some personal thoughts on the brilliant word, farouche.

Farouche is a word that speaks to me. It means ‘to be sullenly unsociable or shy’. Shyness is not an affliction of mine, but that wish to be unsociable? You betcha. Being sociable means dealing with people, and people usually bring problems.

Humans are annoying. You just settle in, get comfortable in your skin, and suddenly you’re called to assist someone. You get back to what you were doing, but the flow has been disrupted. Good luck getting it back. You could find yourself travelling on a plane, and winding up next to some stranger who will not stop yapping at you, or you have the problem of the crying child, for the entirety of a five-hour flight (not had this, thankfully, though did experience it for an hour-long flight once). It’s no wonder that there are many scenarios where we want to crawl inside our own minds, and not come out until the world is a bit less peoplely.

Sometime we’re anti-social not because we are annoyed with people, but because we’re actually quite happy with our own company. I know I feel this way sometimes. I don’t want to go out, or interact with anybody, because I’ve got my books and games, and I am quite content with that. I work in retail, so I deal with people on a daily basis, and sometimes, I just don’t want to, so on a day off from work, I am not inclined to go anywhere or do anything. Sure, you make concessions for the ones you love, but equally, you kinda need those concessions to come your way too. After a long day at work, the last thing I need is to vault across to a supermarket and face still more people, but for the benefit of my loved ones, I’ll do it, just don’t be surprised if I treat myself to a glorious golden beer whilst I’m at it. That’s my price for having to be even remotely sociable.

Hold me!

Ahem, so, it’s been a minute since anyone posted here, on the Nudge Wink Report, and I refuse to let that stand. I have fresh(ish) art to inflict upon the masses, and a number of dad jokes to torment you with. Let’s start there.

If you have a helpful ant, is it your assist ant?

Have I told you my bad memory joke?

There are three types of people in this world. Those who can count, and those who can’t.

Bad spellers of the world, untie!

My wife is leaving me because I’m going bald. Oh well, hair loss.

Have I told you my bad memory joke?

Whilst I think of witty observations of recent events (recent events that somehow don’t set off an existential crisis in everyone), I will have to leave things there for now. Hopefully this can kickstart proceedings here, given them a Nudge (Wink Wink), and we can all Report in the right direction.

Well, it doesn’t exactly rise, and we’re not quite in the ashes… yet. 2020 has pummelled us, squeezed us, mocked us – but we are still here. It’s been difficult for some, life-changing for others, and for many people around the planet, it’s been an anxious, scary time.


We need a release, a valve we can open to let our tension spill out. We’ll definitely reach an end to this, where life will return to a relative normal, and the bars and pubs will make a fortune to rival the biggest mountains of gold. I mean come on, we all know most of the human race will flock to such venues right?


Lockdown has brought with it some… experimentation. No, nothing like that (get your minds out of the gutter). This meerkat has been doing some artwork. I sincerely apologise for what I am about to inflict upon you all, but it’s my way of letting out that nervous energy.


I call this one ‘Vacant Expression’. It’s seen a lot of use over the past few weeks.


Don’t ask.


Timon smash! And yes, he has nipples.

I think I should be sorry for inflicting these images upon your retinas, but I’m not 😛

So, to end this rather brief post, I want to tell you all, that I love you, I hope you are all save, and I hope when this ends we can all be thankful for our families and loved ones. Stay safe everyone!