))))****SPECIAL REPORT****((((

It’s so special that my left eyeball is threatening to disown my right eyeball if it votes for the other candidate. 

Yep.  We in the USA are eyeball deep in politics.  If scathing memes were swords, both sides would be microscopic pieces of bullc#@p by now.  

I’ve seen so many different Trump and Hillary memes, if they were on baseball cards they’d fill my entire bedroom.  

I’d rather fill my bedroom with other things.

Hey you!  Perv!  Get your D@#&%D mind out of the gutter!!! Who do you think you are…Bill Clinton?  

Here are the other things I’d rather fill my bedroom with:


Not that I’m as frigid as Yellow Knife in January.  In fact, I did find one way in which I’ve out trumped Trump!!!

I believe in traditional marriage, too.  I like it so much, I’ve said “I do” 5 times.  Unfortunately, I’ve also said “I don’t” 3 times, and had to bury one of them.

But wait!  I think Clinton has us all beat — Bill that is.

Hillary heard Bill say the word “intern” and she just couldn’t take it anymore.  Good thing she found a way to keep Bill out of the White House and blame Trump for it.


Which one do you believe is true?

Are there more Hillary memes than Trump memes?  


Here’s my opinion (you knew that was coming, didn’t you?)

The real king and queen of meme are…..


My Baid (My But Alas I Digress), It’s all just the same-old-same-old.  These political parties are  trying to steal get your vote even after you’re dead.

To steal part of a line from a 1960’s song: I’ve looked at life politics from both sides now….

Maybe they’re twins that get along as well as my eyeballs?

Then there are the “informational” memes.

Trump made billions in business while Hillary made millions in politics.

If they were saints, they wouldn’t be running for office.

Hell would freeze over.

No worries. That’s about as likely as catching my cat smoking a cigarette.


I’ll end my foray into meme-what-you-slay politics with two more:

If nothing else, United States politics is electrifying.

Here’s a meme only a smarmy, slick-talking politician can convince you to believe:

 Any questions?

I’m presently not capable of wowing you with my humor, so I’ll settle for wowing you with my ability to magnetically attract memes and pictures of merriment.

Are you looking for the perfect gift to give a severely deformed, overweight dwarf:

dwarf pants.jpg

For years, we’ve been doing CPR all wrong:


Someone has finally gotten it right about Vegas:


Isn’t it amazing what can happen when  people take things literally?


Does someone have a screw loose, or was there an earthquake in aisle 3?


Here’s a fashion idea for people who hate SciFi but want to impress the hottest girl in town, the one with a volcanic temper who just happens to be a raging Star Wars fan:


So you think I’m crazy? 


You could be right.  Maybe I should seek medical assistance. 


Then again, I’d like to live, so I think I’ll pass.


If I were crazy, I’d say, “Just because I’m crazy doesn’t mean I’m wrong. ” Apparently, it’s the crazy people who think outside the cage box:


I’ll leave you with one final contribution to today’s fun with pictures:


Obviously, these people never shopped at Walmart for their bustles and corsets, or every store would’ve been fitted with one of those.

It’s Wednesday!  It’s, like, actually Wednesday at 2 in the morning and I, like,  


Ms. Anal Retentive does NOT forget when it’s time to write a post for NWR!  

No!  Ms. Perfection has to have said post written a minimum of 3 days prior so that she can look at it 600 times before it’s published.

Scooby Doo,  like, where are you when I, like, need you?  

scooby doo.jpg

From Wikipedia, because I’m, you know, like, in a rush??

Why, you might ask, would I forget something this mind-bogglingly important?

As Kelly Bundy would put it:  


DADDY!  MY BRAIN IS FULL!     (funny-pictures.picphotos.net)


In case you missed that series segment of “Married with Children,” because it was aired in 1994, here is an explanation of Kelly Bundy’s brain:

Bud Bundy: You have to understand, Kelly’s brain can hold anything. But there are some things you have to know. One: that it’s totally empty.

Al: Woudn’t you know it.

Bud Bundy: And two: that you can’t just shove information into her head. You have to be careful. Feed her information slowly, bit by bit, drop by drop, until she’s full.

Al: Full?

Bud Bundy: Oh, yeah. Kelly’s brain can actually get full with information. And then you got to be really careful. Because each new thought after that will totally replace an old one. That’s why Kelly forgot to wear a blouse on the day she went to take her drivers ed exam.

(My thanks to http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0642312/quotes for this dialogue)


Is there a support group for that?  

If so, would we forget when we were supposed to meet?  

Worse yet, is it the precursor to ALZHEIMER’S (a word more dreaded in the English Language than KARMA) ?????

The reason for this particular foray into forgetfulness is easy to explain:


(the place where anal-retentive people go to die).

Because I’m in such a D@mned hurry, I’ll expand on that explanation by stealing from the post I made on the day that bureaucracy walked into the office to tell me how to cross my t’s and dot my i’s.


Drowning in a sea of paper today.

Here’s a question for you:  Why is government bureaucracy NOT like writing fiction?

Answer:  Because when you write fiction, it has to make sense.

No one in government considers the repercussions of creating rules that turn your job into a script idea for Mission Impossible. 

I’ll be spending the next few days getting over a bad case of Frazzled.  Once I emerge from this hideous state, I’ll come up with a way to cope with the newest in a series of bureaucratic blunders.

But not right now.  

Time for several games of Rummy 500 that I play every night with a dinosaur, an alien and Jack.

In case you’re interested in playing cards with me, the Rummy 500 I speak of is Hoyle Cards on a used disk from around the time Kelly Bundy was learning to drive.

That’s all I have in me for today.  It’s time for me to post on my own blog.  Fortunately, it’s Wordless Wednesday.