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Your author at work.

It was 10:30am Saturday morning. It was about half an hour since my wife had rolled out of bed. She was finally finding her words.

“How did it go?” she asked.

I thought real hard for a long, long time but I was baffled. I had no clue. “What in the name of Zeus’ butthole are you talking about?!”

(Side note: This is a fairly representative example of a typical conversation in the Taker household. -Ed.)

“Your blog post.”

Oh. Shit.

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writing-404I have too many writing apps.

On an episode of Seinfeld, a comedian wakes up in the middle of the night and laughs. He’s thought of a joke. He scribbles it down on the handy notepad he happens to keep on his nightstand. The gag, of course, is that the next day, he can’t read the note and can’t remember the joke.

This is the example I’ve based my life upon.

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Time flies when you feel like crap.  

But enough about my personality.

I’d like to shout out, “this is a special report!”

But that would be a lie.

Here is the truth.

I missed posting at 9:00am this morning, like I was supposed to.  Did one single person write and say, “Hey!  We missed your amazingly wonderful post on NWR?”

If you’re not brain dead, you already know the answer to that.

What, prey tell, was I doing that was so gall-durned important that I forgot?   Besides flash fiction, haiku, and memes…Nothing.  It just seems to be a trend happening in my life.

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