Roxton Pond, the birthplace of my maternal grandfather. A 30 minute drive from Bromont.

I’d like to take a poll…ask a question…get an answer…

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I’ve asked this before and by George I’m going to ask it again:

1. How many other bloggers are crazy enough to fly to another country to meet another blogger?

2. How many other bloggers out there would provide that crazy person with a guest room once they arrive?

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I don’t know many people who would give me a room with a view and drive me to my grandfather’s birthplace to romp through a graveyard, but that might be one of the many reasons that this particular blogger and his soul mate would put up with me.

As FloridaBorne, I write poetry for TV (Tom) Kapherr’s amazing pictures of Cats At The Bar.  

As Joelle LeGendre, book author (who also happens to be dyslexic, etc.)  the need for a 5-star editor is mandatory.    

The purpose of my visit was extreme editing, Olympic cat petting, and getting to know the family behind the cat pictures.I was a bit reluctant at first, since they live in a foreign country, but I enlisted the help of my fellow blogger, Vickie, to lead me through the airports since she’d lived in Canada for over 30 years and spoke Canadian quite well. Read the rest of this entry »