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This is my post for Halloween because not even Godzilla is scarier than what I’m about to tell you.


 Is it my imagination or is this country fractalling fubared?

What the hell has happened to the idea that there’s such a thing as common sense (a state of being that cannot be replaced by common core)?

Take, for example, the headlines I read on Saturday morning while doing an in-depth 10 minute search for my monthly contribution as a ***SPECIAL REPORTER***: Read the rest of this entry »


The following sign:


On the outside of a hospital:


Which is next to 3 of these:

 parking garage

Let me get this straight.  4 people smoking this


is worse than the equivalent of this?


I did my usual in-depth 1 minute search of the internet for the toxins in tobacco and came upon this website

Note, class, that the list is in alphabetical order (You know me–I have to point out the most important things first): Read the rest of this entry »

It’s a bit of a dilemma trying to find flights to Canada, where the best adman and editor in the universe reside.

You may be wondering, “Why does she want to go to a place like that when there’s Skype?”

Because that’s not the way my not-quite-right brain works.  It took 3 people and a lot of dragging to get me to download and then to actually use Skype.

Besides, the 2 week deadline with no outside interruption will help to motivate me.

If I were a bird, all I’d have to do is take flight.  That would solve the transportation problem.  I thought about this as my 20 pound Coon Cat pounced on my lap.  Man, did he STINK!  It was like something unwashed had just died.

That’s when I decided being a bird in my next life might not be the best plan. Read the rest of this entry »