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Hello everyone, good evening.

For those of you who missed me last month…you are all very sweet đŸ™‚

And for those of you who didn’t – go take a hike, you’re banned for life!

(Sure hope there is more of the former and less of the latter).

OK, so I decided to take a impromptu break last month…(excuse me for a moment while I go take another break to look up what impromptu means…Ah yes, good, splendid, that makes sense, even if my sentences are borderline incohesive nonsense).

Now then, where was I? Yes, I decided to take a brief sabbatical to recharge my creative batteries and as it so happens, something came up in the news this week that brought into perspective what I thought I should be focus on for this article.

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On Wednesday, June 18, 2014, man invented fire.


This time around, fire arrived in the form of a cell phone, the Amazon Fire.

“The phone is gorgeous,” said Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s founder and CEO. “I can’t wait for you to get your hands on it. Premium materials, rubberized frame. Gorilla Glass on both sides.”

The announcement took place at an auditorium somewhere in Seattle to a room full of technology analysts, current Amazon customers, and (slightly) jaded journalists. Over the room hung the aroma of sweaty jock straps. No one seemed to notice.

Amazon Fire began its evolution on the drawing board five years ago, in 2009.

With this week’s launch, Amazon joined the ranks of other fast-track technology companies, proving they, too, can move at the speed of molasses.

Jeff sat down with me for a one-on-one interview that lasted exactly 3 minutes. Which turned out to be 2 minutes too long. Read the rest of this entry »

The office Halloween party. Is there anything scarier?

You think you know the people you work with and then the pumpkins start to appear, and you discover how little you really want to know any of them. I stopped by a friend’s office party last night and carved out a few examples of moments gone scary.

Scary Moment Number One:

You come face-to-face with the guy who works in IT who gave you that ” virus” but claimed it was your fault because you use a PC and not a Mac. Tell him the horse’s head should be on his ass.


Does he know that’s a gelding hanging from his belt?

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