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Anyone who’s been keeping an eye on The Nudge Wink Report may have noticed it’s been quiet. I can’t confess to know why for everyone else, but for me, it’s been all about work – new job means new time constraints and a change to my patterns – there’s been a bit of a learning curve!

However, I am still here and I hope I speak for everyone else when I say so is The Nudge Wink Report. We’re an eccentric, nutty bunch of satirists (is that a word?) and we’re here to save the world, one bad pun at a time!


This post is bananas.

Welcome to a special holiday edition of the report. Or, as dad liked to say, “A day late and a dollar short.”

Happy Father’s Day!

Since none of my kids are talking to me, I decided to cozy up to the computer and pound out some drivel to pass the time. As a lover and aficionado of social media, I hope you’ll enjoy the following true story. You might want a full body condom, though.


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It ain't easy to run in heels.

It ain’t easy to run in heels.

Dear Travelocity,

It’s over between us.

I stopped by your site last week to look at hotels for a possible weekend getaway in Chicago.  Now you won’t leave me alone.   I got two emails from you just this morning asking about my Chicago vacation plans.   I don’t HAVE any such plans.  Those emails arrived in the same batch as one from TripAdvisor, their 15th in the last 2 weeks suggesting not-to-be-missed B & Bs in the San Francisco Bay area.  My mouse must have accidentally hovered over that option on their site a couple of weeks ago. Read the rest of this entry »