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It’s no secret that I have more than my share of pet peeves (like women who squat, pee on the toilet seat and don’t clean it up), phobias (like the fear of getting to the airport late as in

and the…

)))***!!!   3 sayings that make me scream out exclamation points   !!!***(((

1. Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Really?  Is that like saying whatever doesn’t make you fatter keeps you healthy?  If that’s so, perhaps I should eat paper and stop exercising?  That makes just about as much sense.  Don’t you people know anything? 

We’re all going to die eventually, and it doesn’t matter how strong you are when that happens.  Here’s the strongest person on Earth killing the last (and 2nd strongest) person on Earth. machinegun Once the food runs out, s/he’ll be dead, too. The only thing whatever doesn’t kill you CAN do (while you’re waiting to die) is turn you into a psychopath (see #3), a sociopath, or make you just plain crazy. Read the rest of this entry »

It’s 3am.  Again.  Not even this can wake me up enough to do more than type a blog:

arrow star
I’m old, not dead.

I’m beginning to think that the best times for me to work are between 2am and 10am.  

What does a woman who can’t get back to sleep do at 3am?   She thinks of ridiculous things to put into a search engine.  Here are a few examples:

silicone gel

  • Can silicone gel packs kill you?  (Not unless you ingest a caseload)

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