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Taking a Twitter break is not a good idea. I took off a few weeks months, and came back and tweets go from 140 characters to 280 characters and now Trump is starting to make sense. This may shock you but I have zero pull with Twitter and have a better chance of Lake Bell liking one of my tweets (which she totally did btw!) than convincing Twitter to edit back their decision. #bitchtweet

If you watch the news through the bottom of an empty tequila bottle, things don’t look half bad. Read the rest of this entry »

(This week on NWR, Blogdramedy writes an opinion piece on the American mid-term elections. Followed by commentary on the announcement of Benedict Cumberbatch’s engagement. Both pieces use the word “bitch.” Please don’t hate email management. We don’t have any control over what stories our reporters file. We lost control months ago. — Management)

I haven’t written a political piece in forever. What better time to whip out the sarcasm pen and get busy than in the aftermath of this week’s mid-term elections.

Where Democrats said not much of anything and Republicans spun that old record of “Blame Obama” until the needle began to stick. No one bitches quite like a Republican.

This November, Republicans dished up a cereal bowl brimming with lies and obfuscation, mixed with a few seeds of truths and fact, and served it up to America as the breakfast of champions. Thus ensuring another two years of political constipation in Washington. Read the rest of this entry »