nowAnd now, for something completely different:

Who can take a sentence
(who can take a sentence)
And turn it all around
(and turn it all around)

Take an upside-down smile and make it into a frown
The Comma Man
(the Comma Man)

Oh, the Comma Man can
(the Comma Man can)

Hey, Comma. Thanks for the assist! Now we’re cooking with fire. I’ll take it from here. I got this.

So, yeah. It has come to my attention that it is now 2018. It has fallen on my shoulders to be the welcome wagon for little Baby New Year and/or garrote Old Man Time. But thanks to my close personal friend, the comma, that’s not what I’m gonna do.

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Is it just me or are women starting to look more masculine and men more feminine?

Leading man from the 1960’s 

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It’s not over yet but 2017 was the year I fully embraced the Stoli. And this will be my first Christmas without turkey. I refuse to get rid of the vodka that’s taking up shelf room in my freezer to make room for a Butterball. Watching Trump peck and scratch his way to obscurity is turkey enough for me.

funny-christmas-card-with-snowman-and-dog-with-red-envelope-canx25-3277-pThe field reporters for The Nudge Wink Report did a stellar job this year, blogging about this, that, and the other thing. We managed to find the funny every week, without missing…okay, we missed a few. Like that time Dave showed up wearing…huh. Just realized I can’t tell that story. Or any of the other reasons some of us missed our deadlines this year. *nudge, wink*

Management is so impressed relieved that we keep turning up even though the coffee around here comes FROM A CAN, they’ve given us the rest of the year off to go forth and be joyful. To find the reason for the season. To jingle our bells. Or to pinch the Grinch. Whatever toasts our chestnuts. Read the rest of this entry »