Is it just me or are women starting to look more masculine and men more feminine?

Leading man from the 1960’s 

Leading man today

With a good wig, some makeup, and false eyelashes, you couldn’t tell him from…

…Sophia Loren,  a lead actress in the 1960’s

Now, there are a few things you didn’t see in the 1960’s. 

Like women wrestler’s

With a mastectomy, I couldn’t tell her from Arnie

Did I mention I’m half blind?  No?  

Well, even 1/2 blind I used to be able to tell male from female.

I saw  this on

Please tell me — which one is supposed to lead when they’re doing a tango?

I have a theory that men have to grow beards these days so we can tell they’re male.

I wonder…did the same drunken bastard who thought up Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles invent the man bun?

Look at this:  Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart.  Just try to tell me you can’t choose which one is the man.  You’re either a liar or so terribly dyslexic you have to have a guide dog and 2 body guards to keep you alive.

I could go on and on, but why bother?   

It’s clear to me now:   Space aliens invented plastic bottles knowing that they exude estrogen into our bottled water.  Then those insidious aliens sprayed thought-rays all over the Earth to make us think that buying our water in bottles would make us smarter.

Thus, we went from this:

Man.                                       Woman. 

to this 

                                                 WHO THE HELL KNOWS!!!!

At least that’s what happened in some parts of the world. 

Other’s didn’t fare so well.

Women used to have sultry voices and sound feminine.  Men’s low bass voices used to send shivers down my tenders.  Sometimes when I hear a couple talking, they’re both droning in an alto range with intonations that can’t be discerned from one another.  

There’s equality and then there’s, “What the hell did you do to my sperm count?”

But, alas, it also used to be….when I was 20 and feeding my stegosaurus… that I couldn’t tell one old person from another.  Now I can’t tell one 20-something from another, unless they’re wearing different color shirts with their names printed on them.

One day, couples are going to look alike…

Oh, Dear God!  That day is TODAY!

Excuse me while I download a John Wayne movie…

…and I don’t want to hear a word about Marion Morrison!