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OK, so I decided to take a impromptu break last month…(excuse me for a moment while I go take another break to look up what impromptu means…Ah yes, good, splendid, that makes sense, even if my sentences are borderline incohesive nonsense).

Now then, where was I? Yes, I decided to take a brief sabbatical to recharge my creative batteries and as it so happens, something came up in the news this week that brought into perspective what I thought I should be focus on for this article.

We begin then with the number thirteen.


Thirteen is considered unlucky for some, especially in the case of the announcement of a new female Doctor Who (the thirteenth Doctor in the ongoing BBC series), that has some fans foaming at the mouth who are clearly afraid of us all living in an inclusive society.

And vaginas.

I therefore wanted to address this bold, wonderful casting move (to be frank, its about time too), along with providing thirteen reasons why I believe this new series of Doctor Who will be awesome.

1. It is a refreshing change of pace

We have had over fifty years of the Doctor’s antics and every single one of them has involved an eccentric, enigmatic man gallivanting around using his superior cunning, intellect and time travel powers to save humanity, with sidekicks galore. It’s a welcome and reliable formula to be sure but it has been done this way a dozen times before!

I mean ruddy hellfire, I like and could eat Mars Bars any day of the week but let’s try a Bounty bar for once! I for one applaud the writers and producers at the BBC for going in this new direction this time round. We would all enjoy more diversity in the role, particularly since the Doctor is billed as a genderless being in the first place, along with hinting of prior female incarnations in the past.

Has the Doctor ever been a woman in Doctor Who? – Radio Times

2. We are gaining a new role model for males and females alike

I read an absurd notion put forward by former Fifth Doctor Peter Davison that our sons are losing an iconic role model by having a lady as The Doctor. This is rubbish. Every time the Doctor is brought back in a new version of themselves, we have someone to root for with a different set of quirks, foibles and amusing personality peculiarities. Now we have a strong female in a leading role that defines an individual that both our sons and daughters can look up to and admire, just like we do with our Mothers in the family household.

JodieWhittaker Dr Who

Jodie Whittaker dressed to impress as the thirteenth Doctor Who (Image: BBC)

3. The Master was a woman in Seasons Eight, Nine & Ten of the show

This is not the first time things have been switched up in the Doctor Whoniverse when it comes to gender, with the Doctor’s nemesis The Master regenerating as a lady (AKA Missy) who went on to star in the Eighth, Ninth & Tenth Seasons of the show.

(Michelle Gomez take a bow).

With such a fantastic range of memorable performances by Michelle in her villainous role, it is going to be intriguing to explore the portrayal of the new Doctor, especially when it comes to their relationship with The Master. The show will thrive when there is conflict created in unique ways.

4. Jodie Whittaker is a well established actress with plenty of plaudits to her name

Jodie looks to be an excellent pick for the role, with a huge list of recognisable roles in film, stage and television to her name, including St Trinian’s, Broadchurch, Black Mirror and many more. Oh and as an added bonus, guess who was in Broadchurch too? Only David Tennant, my favourite Doctor of all time and he’s excited that the show has ‘lucked out’ with getting her to play his successor – now that bodes extremely well.

David Tennant

5. There is a huge opportunity to mine comedy potential out of the situation

Being that The Doctor retains the memories of their previous regenerations, it is going to be an absolute hoot playing with the notion that The Doctor is now female. I imagine there will be plenty of awkwardness with the character if they say or do things that they would have normally done under the guise of a man. It’s the warmth and humour of the show that is what makes it so special and I hope that the writers take full advantage of the situation.

6. Malcolm Tucker AKA The Twelfth Doctor also approves too

The outgoing twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi) has voiced his appreciation and admiration for Jodie as well, declaring her to be a fabulous choice.

‘She’s going to be brilliant’: Peter Capaldi reveals he has checked in with new Doctor Who Jodie Whittaker to give her some advice – Mail Online

Coming from the man who won hearts as both the latest Twelfth Doctor and the acerbic, wittily potty mouthed, eloquent spin doctor Malcolm Tucker himself, I’d say this is about the highest level of praise you can get 🙂

Peter Capaldi Dr Who

Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor Who and owner of a magnificent head of hair (Image: BBC)

7. Casting a woman in this prominent role should help open up and pave the way for other notable roles for women in film, stage and television

By making the decision to change things up and move to a leading lady taking the Doctor Who mantle, I’m sure that this will help open up more opportunities for actresses to take on leading roles in film, stage and television. Jodie is now another excellent example of many other strong empowering females going on to make shows even more popular such as Star Trek: Voyager, Buffy, The X-Files, Game of Thrones, The Hunger Games, and even the latest Wonder Woman film. Long may these positive roles and role models for women continue and the trend expands even further with the boost from the new Doctor Who.


8. Jodie Whittaker, like Matt Smith is a youthful choice that will appeal to older and younger viewers alike

I thought it was incredibly exciting to see a younger actor playing the role of The Doctor when Matt Smith took the lead as the Eleventh Doctor. It is therefore extremely encouraging to see Jodie in the role, who is also similar in age to Matt and can identify with the youth of today, whilst being old enough to promote both gravitas and experience in her performance. She can hold her own but still have a lot to learn about the world around her, allowing her to become wiser, adapt accordingly and create an interesting character arc for us to follow.

Because Pie


9. The show is going to win a ton of new fans by getting in touch with its feminine side

As Doctor Who becomes more and more of an iconic, legendary series, the important thing for it to do is to continue to change with the times, just as often as it changes with Doctors themselves. This is very much a family show, its long running longevity is a testament to how popular it is. The show can only get more fascinating and well received when considering its core audience that contains vast numbers of women who would sincerely appreciate the chance to see a female take the lead.

10. The series gets a new launching point when it comes to Whovian law and mythology

There has often been the touting of the regeneration cycle when it comes to Doctor Who and how the mythology is made up of The Doctor only having twelve regenerations before they could potentially die forever. By switching things up at this point, there is ample scope in the Whoniverse to take the approach that The Doctor has been reborn and is starting out from scratch again. Therefore it would make perfect logical sense that for this particular series, The Doctor will start their new regeneration cycle as a woman, literally breathing new life into both the character of The Doctor and the franchise itself. A symbolic turning point in the evolvement of the character for sure.

Turning Point

11. The new showrunner for Doctor Who (Chris Chibnall) has worked with Jodie before on Broadchurch

A minor point but one well worth bringing up. Chris Chibnall has worked with Jodie Whittaker before when she starred in the TV series Broadchurch. Chris has been involved with the series for years (just like Jodie) and will therefore be able to bring out the best in her, which is another firm foundation for Doctor Who to build upon and another positive indication of things to come, thanks to the critical acclaim that Broadchurch has garnered over the years.

12. It has got us talking about the character of Doctor Who again

Not only do I think that this was a classy decision on the part of the BBC, another fundamental aspect of all of this is that interest is being stirred up in Doctor Who again. Now that we are coming to the end of the tenure of Peter Capaldi this year as The Doctor, it is great to see a move like this that is positive for the character and is also bringing attention to the show (even if there has been negativity towards the change from a small portion of the audience). To all of those who are fearful of this change in direction, I hope that your attitude alters once Jodie settles into the role and proves that she is the right actor for the job. Given time, I am sure she is going to win you over and we are all going to have a lot of fun, as she makes the role her own.

Yoda Time

13. Female daleks? Yes please BBC!

OK, so this is a long shot but now that we have a female Doctor Who, can we also have female daleks please? The dalek voice never fails to raise a smile whenever I hear it, thanks to the incredible vocal work of Nicholas Briggs, who can make them sound menacing, yet full of panic and anxiety. Let’s not forget however, that we can have Siri on Android or iPhone as either a male or female, so why not have the odd dalek with a scary female voice to inject a bit of levity into the mix.

Karen Gillan (Matt Smith’s assistant Amy Pond) proves my point exactly.

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How do you feel about the upcoming new season of Doctor Who? Are you excited too? Feel free to comment below and let us know or share with us your favourite moments from previous Doctor Who episodes 🙂