Ladies and gentlemen, I don’t tend to put my more serious and thoughtful posts here, on the Nudge Wink Report – and don’t worry, that isn’t about to change!

Except, it kind of will, with this post. I’ll be combining humour with politk. Well, I’ll be trying to.

Twitter has recently had a trending hashtag. #Repealthe19th. If you don’t know what that is, it’s the amendment to the US Constitution that granted women the right to vote. Why is a hashtag about removing this right trending? Because someone did a poll somewhere that showed if women are allowed to vote, Hilary Clinton would become President. If women aren’t allowed to vote, Lucifer Trump becomes President.


Yeah… nah.

Come on guys! Are we still at a point where we think more with our little brain than our big brain? (did I just admit mine was little?)

We aren’t voting along gender lines, surely? Well, as an Englishman, I’m not voting at all, but you know what I mean.

Yes, Hilary is a woman. No, she isn’t weaker than a man. She isn’t less intelligent than a man. She may well not be perfect – but news flash – nor is Trump!!! Guess what – one of  them has years of experience in politics – the other has presided (ha!) over several failed businesses. Who cares what’s between their legs? Is that actually relevant???

And breathe. This ‘kat is getting angry.

But lets face it. This hashtag isn’t trending because of anything other than misogyny. Yup, I went there. It’s because there are plenty of men out there who hate the idea of women being treated as equals, and the idea that a woman might be in the White House in a few months’ time makes them do this:


BlogDramedy, I hope I haven’t stolen your thunder for Saturday, but this had to come out. Like when you’re desperate to pee, it had to happen. I was actually doing the toilet dance whilst writing this.