Dear America,

I don’t get you. At all.

I mean, firstly, this confusion started when I discovered you don’t really do tea. Or have kettles.

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This is a mistake on your part, America. Tea – proper tea, brewed tea – is amazing. And not having kettles is seriously weird.

Also, I’ve always been flabbergasted by the fact that you don’t use the Metric system. I mean, Celsius and metres, Americans. Come the fuck on.

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However, things have gotten more serious than your lack of tea and kettles and the fact that you use Fahrenheit and not Celsius.

Donald Trump is potentially going to be your next President, and we need to seriously talk about this, because it’s one thing to have shitty coffee and pumpkin spice lattes and no kettles for your tea, but it is another to be this close to the election when a sexist, misogynistic, racist, bigot, sexually-assaulting predator is potentially going to become your President.

And will then, of course, have access to your nuclear weapons.

That we need to talk about.

And we need to talk about the facts, because some of you seem to not understand facts.

  1. Bill Clinton is not running for President.
  2. Yes, a woman accused Bill Clinton of rape.
  3. However, her accusations weren’t proven. There wasn’t enough evidence for a trial. That doesn’t mean she wasn’t raped, but it’s been almost 40 years. That doesn’t make her experience mean any less, but the reality is it can’t be proven. At all. Even if she had gone straight to the police, it’s quite likely nothing would have happened.
  4. That is a fault on the justice system. In regards to rape, we’re pathetic (not just Americans … mainly world-wide).
  5. Β I doubt Bill Clinton went to his wife and said he had sex with another woman, let alone that he raped her. Whilst I don’t doubt that Hillary thanked Juanita, Juanita’s statement of what Hillary said doesn’t reflect a threat to me. However, I can understand that, if she had been raped, her reflections and interpretations might have felt that way. And that’s perfectly acceptable … but it doesn’t mean Hillary threatened her.
  6. Hillary did not harass at twelve-year-old rape victim. She defended a client she didn’t want to defend, and he happened to be a rapist. Her duty, as a defence lawyer, was to defend her client. This is not the same as harassing a twelve-year-old.
  7. While defending a rapist may seen reprehensible to you, you also have to remember that people are innocent until proven guilty. The man was entitled to a defence.
  8. You cannot scream that Hillary is the devil incarnate, but turn a blind eye when judges – like the judge in Brock Turner’s case – give minimum, light, or no sentences in regards to rape. The jury has found him guilty: the judge has given a shit sentence. Who is worse? The person that was hired to do a job … or the person that, after being presented with the evidence and a guilty verdict, decided the rapist deserved “better”?
  9. Trump is sexist.
  10. Trump has admitted to sexual assault, and implied that he has sexually assaulted women before and since.
  11. Trump is racist.
  12. Trump is a bigot.
  13. Trump changes his mind regularly.
  14. Trump has no clear policies.
  15. The policies Trump has aren’t good.
  16. Hillary is literally the better candidate.
  17. Yes, you have other options … but Trump or Hillary is going to be elected. You need to pick one. It’s probably better if it’s not the guy who thinks sexual assault is okay.

America: the rest of the world is counting on you.

Don’t fuck this shit up. It’s not forgivable if you fuck this up the way it is when you screw up the tea thing.

This shit is real.