Yes, that’s right, I’ve been drawing. Also, I have drunk two cans of strong British ale (because British beer is real beer, as in served warm), and am slightly merry, or is that Pippin? The aim? A Meerkat Musings comic strip!


So maybe the artwork needs work.

So the topic for this comic? That I am rhyme by accident? Obviously that’s a great idea, but no, that’s not it. The idea is to explore life, the universe and everything. It’s to provide deep, meaningful observations of the world we live in. For example…


The process is simple. Tea, especially tea made for you, is a gift. Tea is the greatest gift you can offer an Englishman. Do you see how deep and meaningful this comic will be yet?

It even provides political commentary:


Can you guess the well-known American mogul from the picture?

Ok, so maybe artwork should not be my thing.

So what’s new? Well, I survived the wasps. I’m sure they’re plotting against me, sitting down at the bars in their nests and swapping ideas whilst getting drunk on nectar. They’ll be back.

The most profound experiences I’ve had lately have been via Twitter. @darth_timon if you want to look me up. It doesn’t often make sense. Anyway, I’ve discovered two things. First the obvious, that to be honest I was more or less aware of anyway – there are some horrendous trolls on Twitter. Second, that it’s best not to engage them – that gives them what they want. If only I could practice what I preach more often.

What can I say, I’m a sucker for poking trolls with sticks and seeing what happens.

So, advice for the week? Don’t provoke trolls, maaaaybe draw some more, and definitely don’t draw whilst under the influence of alcohol. Alternatively, draw more whilst under the influence, with hilarious results!