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The Pollen Scourge

I love summer. No really, I do – the rain gets nice and warm, wasps buzz you with friendship in their hearts, and everyone honks their car horns in unison and with peace in their souls. You get the pleasure of sticking to your chair from sweat and humidity, watching as other, less fortunate folk walk around in t-shirts and shorts, forced to get tanned on their way to taking a dip in the sea.

Unfortunately summer does have its drawbacks. Picture the scene:


Looks nice enough doesn’t it? It’s picturesque, birds will be filling your ears with song and the air will be sweet. Wonderful – if not for an unseen enemy, one I do battle with every year, the dreaded and evil pollen.


(my eyes, they burn!)

So to begin with I am assaulted with sneezing fits. Not the odd, occasional sneeze, but a rapid-fire shotgun of sneezes that I can’t suppress. Next, my nose runs. Finally, my eyes turn red and water enough to fill an Olympic swimming pool. Going outside is a very bad idea, for I end up getting even worse:


(I feel itchy)

What tends to happen next? I get invited to barbecues – which are of course, outdoors!!!



I suppose if I can’t venture outside, the wasps can’t get me… Can’t they?


Tune in next time to see if Ben survived the wasps!



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3 thoughts on “The Pollen Scourge

  1. It’s not just the pollen, if there is a biting insect within 2 1/2 miles, they come roaring to my exposed skin and feast on my healthy body. Not fun for me, but those around me are most grateful for my presence…it relieves them of having to use bug repellent.


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