Time flies when you feel like crap.  

But enough about my personality.

I’d like to shout out, “this is a special report!”

But that would be a lie.

Here is the truth.

I missed posting at 9:00am this morning, like I was supposed to.  Did one single person write and say, “Hey!  We missed your amazingly wonderful post on NWR?”

If you’re not brain dead, you already know the answer to that.

What, prey tell, was I doing that was so gall-durned important that I forgot?   Besides flash fiction, haiku, and memes…Nothing.  It just seems to be a trend happening in my life.

I arrived at work this morning around 8:58am, give or take a few seconds.  Two people were waiting for me in front of my office.  

I asked, “Did we make an appointment.”

“No,” one of the mystified ladies said.  “We have a meeting scheduled to discuss forms at 9:00am.”  


If there were ever a good reason for a mercy killing, that was it.  I’d rather create the perfect meme, but my efforts have been about as successful as trying to invent the perfect steel maxipad.

Here are 5 (memes, not maxipads), featuring Other Brother Coon Cat (white face) and Coon Cat.  Tell me what you think.


Number 1

This is my happy face.jpg

Number 2


Number 3

crazy cat guy.jpg

Number 4


Number 5


Yes.  I am owned by those cats.  Yes, that is the home office in which I write my blog, memes and manuscripts.

Which of the memes do you like best?

*mass snoring*

Excuse me while the flies of time hover over my face waiting for me to die.  I suppose it’s better than having the vultures of ineptitude hover overhead.  They left early this morning after finding it impossible to locate anything worth eating.