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memememe meme

I’m presently not capable of wowing you with my humor, so I’ll settle for wowing you with my ability to magnetically attract memes and pictures of merriment.

Are you looking for the perfect gift to give a severely deformed, overweight dwarf:

dwarf pants.jpg

For years, we’ve been doing CPR all wrong:


Someone has finally gotten it right about Vegas:


Isn’t it amazing what can happen when  people take things literally?


Does someone have a screw loose, or was there an earthquake in aisle 3?


Here’s a fashion idea for people who hate SciFi but want to impress the hottest girl in town, the one with a volcanic temper who just happens to be a raging Star Wars fan:


So you think I’m crazy? 


You could be right.  Maybe I should seek medical assistance. 


Then again, I’d like to live, so I think I’ll pass.


If I were crazy, I’d say, “Just because I’m crazy doesn’t mean I’m wrong. ” Apparently, it’s the crazy people who think outside the cage box:


I’ll leave you with one final contribution to today’s fun with pictures:


Obviously, these people never shopped at Walmart for their bustles and corsets, or every store would’ve been fitted with one of those.



Crabby person who likes to rant. Reading it is free so remember-- you get what you pay for. Well endowed with the multi-layered weirdness that lurks inside a not-quite-right-mind. That's how I write SciFi. Crabby, weird, and to make matters worse, I write poetry. Some of it is even...shudder...nice. I feel like a sandwich that went on a journey of self-discovery just to find I was pastrami with Maraschino Cherries, hot peppers, the contents of an MRE and broccoli on gluten free cheese bread. After that kind of trauma no 'wich is the same again.

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