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Dear Travelocity

It ain't easy to run in heels.
It ain’t easy to run in heels.

Dear Travelocity,

It’s over between us.

I stopped by your site last week to look at hotels for a possible weekend getaway in Chicago.  Now you won’t leave me alone.   I got two emails from you just this morning asking about my Chicago vacation plans.   I don’t HAVE any such plans.  Those emails arrived in the same batch as one from TripAdvisor, their 15th in the last 2 weeks suggesting not-to-be-missed B & Bs in the San Francisco Bay area.  My mouse must have accidentally hovered over that option on their site a couple of weeks ago.

You’re chasing me like a starving lion after a wounded wildebeest.  Before you can get to me, though, you’ll have to elbow aside the relentless stalkers from Staples.  Their ads hawking paper shredders have been following me throughout the internet ever since I made the grave mistake of buying one from them almost 2 months ago.  Now there’s no escaping them.

I logged onto Facebook today and there, in the margin, I beheld the same sparkly, rhinestone bracelet I had looked at on Ebay the day before.   It winked at me: dazzling, tempting, but also confusing.  How had it got HERE, when I had looked at it THERE?  The tag line under the picture coyly asked, “Still interested?”

You’re stalking me, Travelocity.  You and TripAdvisor, Staples and Facebook, Ebay and Amazon – you’re ALL after me.  It’s a conspiracy.

You’re an army of hookers in red satin dresses, slouching on every street corner of the interwebz.  When I pass by, you flaunt your wares and suggestively smirk, “Hey sailor, see something you like?”

No, I don’t see something I like.  I’m not that kind of girl.  WHY CAN’T YOU JUST LEAVE ME ALONE?

Don’t call me, Travelocity…I’ll call you.



R-A-M-B-L-I-N-G-S, Ram...Blin!

54 thoughts on “Dear Travelocity

  1. People get worried about the NSA tracking them, but I find the online stalking by these companies far more concerning and creepy. I made the mistake of buying men’s underwear for my hubs and oldest son online a couple years ago, you know, just for convenience. I STILL get ads in my FB timeline of men in their undies! And just last week I Googled a fitness video. There it was, five minutes later in my FB timeline.


  2. Damned those nosey bastards! I get that stuff too. As already mentioned, cookies. I’m pretty sure you can find them and delete them. It is rather weird to be perusing Facebook, only to have kitchen sink ads pop up on the side, just after you’ve been looking at new kitchen sinks.


  3. It freaks me out how this happens. I looked at a ceramic tiled bird bath and now on that side bar I have been presented with every type of bird bath ever created. Seems really invasive and you are right, very stalker like.


  4. It is really creepy how they do this. I’m afraid to click on anything for fear of seeing it somewhere on my computer for weeks afterward. If these emails or ads or what ever you want to call them were humans we could get a restraining order but on the internet we just have to accept it. Creepy!


  5. I made the mistake of visiting AirBNB for super cheap accommodation in Nashville (for a trip I am now not taking) and now EVERY SINGLE TIME I go to The Weather Network to, you know, check if spring is ever going to arrive, I see ads for AirBNB luxury villas in the south of France at prices my entire family if they pooled all their available cash could maybe afford. In five years.

    If you end up putting together a petition for some freaking privacy, I’ll sign. And so will my entire family. *grin*


  6. Whenever I look at anything to do with anything, I wind up getting ads on my email, Facebook and even generic websites that I visit. I swear I can’t even think about Star Trek Micro Machines without an advert popping up about them.


  7. You nailed it! It’s creepy to see the product I was looking at staring me in the face when I go to another website. I dislike hitting the “unsubscribe” only to have another ad come in the next days. It’s like playing whack-a-mole without the possibility of winning. 🙂


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