Is this year going too fast or what? Here it is, already January 9th and I’ve accomplished so much I can take the rest of the year off and watch Monty Python movies while eating bacon.

*props herself; breaks a nail*

Okay. Full disclosure, my to-do list for the year only has two items.

  1. Write more. Every day if possible. About what I want to write about.
  2. Say no. Every day if possible. To shit I don’t want to do.

As a recovering people pleaser, the first to-do is within the realm of possibly / maybe / hopefully / just do it dammit, land. On my personal blog, I’ve clocked in five posts so far. That’s in nine days, people. Someone needs to come over here right now and high five me!

The second to-do lives on a planet in a galaxy far, far, away.

While I work on learning how to say no (in a polite yet un-fuck-withable way) I’m going to share with you some of the things I got so freakin’ wrong last year.

This was never on the shelves in my local grocery/liquor store. When I asked why I was told there was “a problem with shipping to my area.” Translation: delivery guys snarfed up the goods.


Bought the cheap razor blades.


I thought this song was about fishing for bass. Something in the lyrics hooked me good.

The beauty trend for 2015.


Although I AM feeling those eyebrows.

The end of Donald Trump memes. But I guess when it comes to this guy, there are just too many “there’ll be hell toupee” jokes still to be combed over.



Buying seasons 1-5 of Downton Abbey and not waiting for the final season. Because that sucker is going to cost me as much as seasons 1-5.


I lost 20 pounds and shaved my legs, and this STILL didn’t happen. What does a girl have to do to get a little uh-huh, uh-huh in her life?!

Lending out my Mad Men dvd collection to someone, who passed them on to someone else, and now they can’t remember who. What the fuck is wrong with people?


We do we want? We want you to not pull that shit.

I stayed too long with a man who doesn’t like to dance. But I guess when you’ve got moves like mine, it takes a real man to keep up.

Any regrets from 2015? Ready to rock & rollick through 2016?