Oma has been kidnapped by a bunch of pumpkins (should that be a patch of pumpkins?) and missed filing this week’s report here on The Nudge Wink Report. Good thing management at NWR know how to reblog. Check out Oma’s latest from his very own blog, Blurt. It’s “seeded” to place in the top 10 best reads anywhere, anytime. *grin*


Over the past few years, I may have expressed the opinion that the over the top reception given the yearly influx of pumpkin flavored food is a little ridiculous. Soon, my thoughts on the matter will reach more people than ever.

Black and white TV, in color (CCbySA2.0 housing works thrift shop)

CBS News contacted me a few days ago and we discussed the pumpkin situation. They were looking for someone who was sick of “the pumpkin thing” to interview. There was some talk about bringing me to New York to do an interview in their studio. I felt like that was pretty silly, but it wasn’t my money, so I was fine with it.

In the end, they asked if I would meet their correspondent in a pumpkin patch. I agreed to do that. Looking back, agreeing to meet strangers on a farm in the middle of nowhere was…

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