The last couple of weeks…wow. Seriously. It’s almost like the United States of America kind of gets what “united” really means.

Kind of. At this point in a post, I’d normally start frothing at the mouth and focusing on all the negative shit that’s still happening but today I’m all about the love.

I’ve been on the road for NWR working on various stories. Most of them food & wine related. It’s been a chore. Total nightmare.

I think I gained about 10 pounds and we don’t have a gym back at the office. So.

I’ve missed out on what’s been happening back in the US of A.


I found this image online. I also saw one in a book. As it should be.

Like that thing with the flag in South Carolina. That “thing” is now a “big deal” and about time, too. South Carolina is taking a couple of weeks to discuss the removal of the Confederate flag. Because, apparently, something like this needs discussion. And committees. Let’s not forget focus groups. Possibly a referendum. And polls. Lots of expensive polls.

Funny but it took Alabama about 30 minutes to decide the right thing.

I was just having a little dance party in celebration when I read that the Supreme Court of the United States upheld Obamacare. Imagine that. Mandatory healthcare for all Americans. Who can’t support that?

Apparently, lots of Republicans (and maybe some Democrats and other crazy ass stupid people like that) because politicians all over the country are calling in sick about the decision. Maybe they’ll be diagnosed with a mental disorder and have to resign. One can only hope.

So now national healthcare is the law of the land. And it didn’t hurt one bit. Not really. Yes, there’s still lots of moaning and groaning going on but now people who want healthcare can get it and maybe they can get a pill that blocks out the sound of the groaners. I’d fund that kind of research.

And just when I thought this week couldn’t get any better — what with the most excellent flight back home and not losing our luggage — BAM!

SCOTUS brings it all home.

SCOTUS upholds marriage equality

Color me, and every other person who wants to marry the person they love, supremely happy!

I was out at a Winners, stocking up on a few essentials (European washing machines ate most of my underwear) when the Mister sent me a text…

US Supreme Court upholds gay marriage!!!

The Mister is not a man to use so many screamers in a text. Actually, he’s not a man who texts. So after I got over a shock of seeing his name on my phone, I read. Then I rejoiced.

The staff and shoppers in Winners got a bit of a fright when I broke out some of my favorite dances moves while in the lingerie section. Michael Jackson would be proud.

It’s almost like common sense is now also becoming a thing. A very good, long overdue, thing. Or maybe it’s a trend and we can hope for more of the same in the coming months?

I tell you…whatever it is, this has been the best week ever for someone who thought common sense was a “thing” of the past. Something relegated to the history books, like the Confederate flag (that’s a forward-looking statement that I’m looking forward to) and not fit to see the light of day here in 2015.

But it’s looking more and more like I WAS WRONG and maybe, maybe, common sense will become a “thing” that turns into a “trend” that evolves into just an everyday approach to life in general. I’m hopeful. I, like SCOTUS, see the light of common sense dawning. Now, I don’t like to be wrong. Who does? But right now, I’ve never been so happy to be wrong in my entire [fill in the blank and be kind] years here on planet earth.

This whole week has been fabulous. I feel good. I’m feeling the love.

Hope you’re feeling the love, too. If so, there’s a party going on at my house. Bring your common sense and let’s dance.

Put on your red blue shoes and dance.

Where were your when you heard the news about gay marriage equality?