The world just seems to have periods where it is just exceptionally out of whack, doesn’t it?

Consider this week. An earthquake devastated Nepal. Why Nepal? Yes, I understand the fault lines and tectonics thing, but I’m asking karmic-ally, why Nepal? They seem like such nice people who live in a pretty country and keep to themselves. You’ve probably never been to a cocktail party and had someone start a conversation by saying “so what do you think about the Nepal problem?”

And Baltimore, wow. Things started with good folks, doing the right thing by speaking up about a problem in their community. And then some fools destroy what the good folks were trying to do (and their city) in the name of “justice”. The result? The political extremes in the U.S. get to rant at each other for another week and nothing will change.

Hi kids! Take it from me. Never get in a giant pressure cooker, OK? OK. (public domain image)

In California, Bumble Bee Foods faces charges after a worker in one of their plants was cooked to death in a giant pressure cooker along with 12,000 pounds of tuna. How does that happen? I can’t imagine a person doing anything that would make them worthy of that kind of fate. It’s being treated as an accidental violation of safety rules. Does that sound fishy to you? Are you surprised that I’d go for the fishy joke?

Did you know you can get the plague from a dog? Neither did I. Nor did four people in Colorado who got it from a pit bull. Some people will tell you that pit bulls are not any more dangerous than other dogs. Yeah. Only the pit bull has signed up to distribute pathogens.

In space, a Russian space ship loaded with tons of supplies for the astronauts aboard the International Space Station is spinning out of control. Those supplies will never reach the station. The space ship will fall back into earth’s atmosphere, catch fire and rain flaming granola bars on some unsuspecting country that doesn’t bother anyone, like Austria.

Even here on The Nudge Wink Report, things are odd. I showed up to post this after not doing any work here for weeks. I still have a job. I’m a little upset that they let the plants on my desk die, but I still work here . No way someone like me still has a job in a world that is just and fair, yet, here I am.

Like I said, things are out of whack. I’ve probably not done you any favors by summarizing all the dark stuff we’ve got going on…and I didn’t even hit it all. I’m sorry to have done that; this is probably a place that you come to get away from all the heavy stuff in the world.

Well, let me console you.

The Kardashians are OK. None of them have been cooked into a six-ton tuna casserole. Flaming granola bars have not showered down upon them. None of their cars have been vandalized and someone watered their plants. As much as I’d like it, a dog hasn’t sneezed on even one of them.

That didn’t help, did it? Can we at least agree that, for a moment, you enjoyed thinking about those things happening?

It really has been a bad week.