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Happy Secret Aries Week

Thanks for the reminder.
Thanks for the reminder.

Secret Aries week is almost here.   Do you know about this? I’d never heard of it until I saw a sign outside the local florist’s shop the other day.

I’m not sure why some people born under the astrological sign of the ram want to keep it a secret.   I’m OK with being a Leo, and I would think those who are really into the Zodiac would be proud of their birth signs. I’m also surprised that there are enough people trying to hide being an Aries to warrant a whole week of celebration – wouldn’t one day do it? But since people are, obviously, into this, why don’t they observe it a week earlier? Then it would fall during the actual dates attributed to Aries.

Maybe that time slot was already taken up by some other crucial holiday like National Ball of Twine week. We have way too many made-up days of remembrance like that. Why does Congress waste their time with this sort of thing when they should be addressing the serious problems facing the country? Things like the fact that someone who took three years of accounting, up to and INCLUDING Cost Accounting, still wound up bleeding from her eyeballs when she attempted to do her own taxes last week? What about THAT, eh?

If it’s not Congress making up holidays, it’s florists and card sellers. Take Sweetest Day. It was invented out of thin air to sell flowers and cards. If someone refuses to participate in what is nothing more than a marketing ploy to increase sales by guilt, do people applaud you for taking a moral stand? No. You are labeled a cheap so-and-so and you end up in hot water with your significant other. That’s why I was surprised that I couldn’t find any Secret Aries cards at Hallmark – they normally jump right on this shiz. Must be a brand new holiday.

I’d like to know how we are even supposed to know who to congratulate; it’s Secret Aries, as in SECRET, hello?   I’ll do my best, though, because I don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings. I’m getting out my calendar and jotting this down right now so I don’t forget.

Oh, look.  Administrative Professional’s day is also next week.

Guess I better stock up on flowers and cards for those people, too.



R-A-M-B-L-I-N-G-S, Ram...Blin!

55 thoughts on “Happy Secret Aries Week

      1. Yes, I just did a Google search to make sure sercete was not actually “a thing”. Your definition should have tipped me off. Even if it’s not a thing, I’m sure the flower syndicate will be pushing for a way to increase sales in the calendar doldrums between Paul Bunyan Day and Valentines Day.

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    Perhaps you’ve noticed the snappy chartreuse winky guy hanging around in the margin of this-here blog. No, I didn’t steal it. I am a legitimate field reporter for the prestigious Nudge Wink Report. I’ve got a press pass and everything!

    I couldn’t be more thrilled since the rest of their talent stable is awesome, they are a WordPress Recommended Humor Blog, and they serve free cocktails and those little sandwiches with the crusts cut off.

    Today is my maiden voyage with the fine folks at Nudge Wink, so head on over and read all about a special holiday coming up this week.

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  2. My mom and daughter are Aries, maybe they are keeping secrets from me and I don’t know it. Maybe it’s a whole week of keeping secrets from others that are not Aries. Maybe, they talk to each other and tell each other their secrets but a Virgo like me, can’t know. Ugh. I am all stressed out now and I don’t trust them. What is a Virgo to do???

    You are so right about the number of dumb holidays we are supposed to celebrate! For crying out loud, can’t we just have a regular day every once in a while??

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  3. I think Secret Aries week sounds a lot better than Secret Cancer week, which is my astrological sign. Not a fun-sounding holiday by any means. And just so you feel better, Peg, you’re not alone in your disdain of Sweetest Day. My husband and I have willingly boycotted that one, simply because we cottoned to the fact that it’s made up. We’re so quick, aren’t we? 😉

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    1. As long as you BOTH agree to abstain, it’s good. If one of you expects a gift, there will be strife in your happy home, eh?
      And you’re right about Secret Cancer. 😦


      1. Exactly! The first year Sweetest Day reared its ugly head, my husband gave me a pretty bracelet. I had nothing for him, so I walked around feeling like I had “LOSER” stamped on my forehead. After that, we had The Talk and agreed to give up this goofy holiday. Nothing like gift-induced guilt to motivate me. 🙂

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  4. Thanks for the head-up; I thought it was a TYPO and almost bought for secretaries. So…I ‘secretly’ (in my mind?) sent all the people whom I know are Aries cards and flowers, and if they complain to me that they didn’t receive them, I’ll just say, ‘Sssshhhh. It’s a secret.’ I love non-giving on holidays. So fun!


  5. As an Aries, with a birthday on Monday, I’m not sure how I should take this post. I think I’ll take it with an extra shot of vodka.

    How does it feel to no longer be a NWR virgin? *wink* AND *nudge*

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  6. Whoa! You’re a Leo, huh? Figures. I mean that in the best way possible. My hubby’s a Leo, my fave brother’s a Leo, my dad was a Leo. You’re in good company. I hereby nominate a new holiday we should all observe: Pegoleg Week! Where we give random people Reese’s Peanut butter cups! (But only one for them and three for ourselves.)

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    This week on The Nudge Wink Report, Peg from Peg-o-Leg’s Ramblings offers up her first born…sorry, FIRST POST, as an official NWR Field Reporter. Be kind. Treat her gentle. We want her to stick around for a while. Head over and say welcome!

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  8. Holy cow, am I slow. I saw the picture, read your entire piece, was a tad confused, and then looked at the picture again. Light finally dawned on Marblehead. I remember years ago when my father was griping about having to go get his secretary a bunch of flowers or she’d be peeved. Whatev’s. They never have a merchant mariner appreciation day. How do you think all that oil from the middle east gets to the U.S.?


    1. I saw this at the local florist last year and it tickled my funny bone. Went around the block and snapped a pic. Could I find it when I finally wrote this piece? Of course not. I had to resort to my trusty Paint program.
      Go ahead and start the merchant mariner day – I’ll send a card.

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  9. Oh Peg, don’t forget Earth Day is next week! Same day as that holiday for the underpaid and overworked crowd.

    How are we suppose to do justice to Earth Day? Wouldn’t it just make sense to consider a day on Earth, everyday? Dang! She’s definitely worthy of an ongoing fest, if you know what I mean. If we want to hug a tree we should be allowed to do it 24/7, all 365 days of the year! Besides, all those newly planted trees from Arbor Day need a little bit of TLC.

    Okay, Aries Day it is! I’ll mark my calendar, bake cupcakes and torch up a few candles in celebration to all those silent types that wish to be celebrated, yet seek anonymity. I just want to close this by saying that it would be a heck of a better party if my Aries friends came out of hiding. I’m not promising them a card, but there’s a plate of cupcakes getting stale over here. El Pronto, por favor!


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