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What’s better than a total solar eclipse? This is.

Hello boys and girls!

Management here with some spectacular news. Blinding. Blog-world changing. Seriously. This will bring a tear to your eyes. One eye for sure.

We have it on good authority from our minion in HR that Darla, writer of She’s a Maineiac, and Peg, author of Peg-o-Leg’s Ramblings are ready to sign their iron-clad, in perpetuity, 174-page binding contracts to become Field Reporters on The Nudge Wink Report.

Word is, they would have signed already but a fight broke out next to the water cooler over who gets the parking spot next to Oma. As a retired police officer, Oma still has “connections” and one of them (our lawyers insist we can’t say who) has a donut sack of unpaid parking tickets she’d like some help with.

Darla at age, "Who? Me? I've been sitting here since I got home from school. If the principal calls, let it go to voice mail."
Darla at age, “Who? Me? I’ve been sitting here since I got home from school. If the principal calls, let it go to voice mail.”

Tom and Dave are busy hiding their beef jerky stash sprucing up the office and playing “Rock, Paper, Scissors” to see who gets to sit next to Peg. And they both look suspiciously fresh. Like they took a shower or something. Dave…is that hair gel in your hair? And, look, Tom’s put the toilet seat down. (We haven’t told Darla and Peg it’s a unisex bathroom. We don’t want to scare them their first day.)

Oma has decided that Darla can have his chair, as it’s the only one in the office that doesn’t squeak. He was having a bit of trouble getting rid of the gum under the seat and has gone off to look for a paint scraper. That was last week and he’s still not back. We’ve sent the intern out to recce local donut shops.

Peg shows us why great style is one of her many fabulous attributes. As is lassoing small animals. Is that Dave she's sitting on?
Peg shows us why great style is one of her many fabulous attributes. As is lassoing small animals. Is that Dave she’s sitting on?

Of course Floridaborne is doing what she does best. Hiding all the post-it notes and setting up “blogger-cams” around the office so she’s got some leverage come performance appraisal time. Although as the NWR Adventure Reporter, it’s not like she has to worry about any of the staff making a play for her title. She’s the only one who’s ever been on a plane and knows you don’t antagonize the flight attendants by tossing peanuts at passengers then looking around pretending to help spot the culprit.

Then Blogdramedy came asking for petty cash to buy a bottle of bubbly. *sigh* We explained that petty cash is not in the budget and she called us some colorful names before getting out the key to her hidden desk drawer, muttering something about updating her résumé. Like BD would ever give us the satisfaction of leaving so we didn’t have to listen to her go on, and on, and on, about equality in the workplace and equal pay for equal work. That one is a balls buster.

An email has just come in from HR. We have signed contracts! Now it’s official, you can go check out their bios here. And if you’d like to ask them why they said yes, ask in the comment section below. Or better yet, send in your question to “Ask NWR” and we’ll all answer.

Welcome, Peg and Darla, to The Nudge Wink Report!


28 thoughts on “What’s better than a total solar eclipse? This is.

      1. Sometimes it even uses different voices and accents in our conversations. It’s quite the raconteur.


  1. Congrats to us! For the record, that wasn’t hair gel, it was Chia Pet starter kit mixed with just a hint of Miracle Grow and a splash of Granny’s rheumatism medicine. This time next week, I should have a Bert Convy-style fro, except it’ll be green and require mowing.

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    1. Hey, I haven’t even started work and you’re already dissing me because I wrote “donut” in my email to you today? This is gonna be a long perpetchyouall kontract if all yall are gonna be so pickee about spelin and junck.


      Liked by 2 people

          1. I live in Texas, we spell it any old way we want. Listening to how we say it, though, is an entirely different item. If you are from the S., you use a Hispanic flare, E., and you throw in some Hillbilly with it. Going to West Texas? Pronounce it using a bite of John Wayne drawl, but here in the DFW, well heck, girl, we iz International because of the airport and we call for it with a continental flare.
            Have yourself a good day and eat a dozen holes for me. 😉


  2. Well, thank you very much for the warm welcome! Is now a good time to tell you I won’t be writing any actual posts? I just joined so I could stick that snazzy smiley face in my widget area (that came out wrong)

    Oh and that photo of five year old me? That was my kindergarten screening in 1975. It was taken right before they had me walk on a balance beam and count to ten. Apparently, that was all a kid needed to do to get into school back then (I’m still working on my balance beam skills)

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  3. Reblogged this on upside of sideways and commented:

    Have you heard the news? The blogs, She’s A Maineiac and Peg-o-Leg’s Ramblings, are now officially part of the group blog, The Nudge Wink Report. Things could get crowded and we might go over budget on deodorant but, hell, who wouldn’t want to get snuggly with these two? On the count of 3…2…1 *wild applause*


      1. Whoa, whoa there, Nellie. Better be Darpegla cuz SHE”S doing all the writing while I sit back and eat cheese curls and drink cheap Muscato til I barf. Isn’t that a lovely picture?


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