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Just To The Left Of Peg-o-Leg

Nudge and Wink here with an important announcement.

Seriously. You need to sit down for this.

Thanks to the great minds at WordPress, who know a good thing when they read it, The Nudge Wink Report is now, officially, a member of that most elusive of clubs.

The official group of WordPress Recommended Humor Blogs.

Management says this is not a mistake. And we ALWAYS believe management!
Management says this is not a mistake. And we ALWAYS believe management!

Yes, folks, it’s official. The Nudge Wink Report now shares the recommended humor blog space with Peg-o-Leg’s Ramblings.

And speaking officially, as management of NWR, we are officially pleased that this group blog is now officially recognized as funny.

So to all our Field Reporters, thank you for a job well done. Your jobs are officially safe. Keep up the good work and maybe, come performance appraisal time, you’ll reap the official benefits* of being part of blogging history.


Nudge & Wink

*Benefits to be named later. Much, much later.


27 thoughts on “Just To The Left Of Peg-o-Leg

    1. You know that saying…start as you mean to go on? You’re starting off on the wrong side of Darla.

      I have 5 bucks says she can put you right. Without the bruises showing. *grin*


      1. Darla knows I’m a huge fan, I was merely paying homage to her as a blog legend, much like the Rolling Stones of blogging. I referred to myself as a garage band largely because I have grease stains on my clothes and smell faintly of gasoline and lawn clippings.


  1. Hey, welcome to the neighborhood! I brought over this pan of brownies and a cold pitcher of margaritas. I was peering out my front window while the moving van was unloading and it looks like you have lots of stuff I’d like to borrow.

    We have block parties every Saturday and this week it’s your turn to host.

    Actually, I strolled over to see if you wanted to knock down the fence between our properties. Do you still want to do that thing? With the blogging? That we discussed? (wink – nudge)


    1. Sorry, brownies gone now. (chewing noisily) Oh, and the margaritas. (hiccup, burp)

      I know I’m new to town but you guys don’t mind that I’m having an Olympic-sized pool installed? But don’t worry, the construction doesn’t begin until 5 am most days.


    2. You’re just what we need around here…another snoop. Brilliant reconnoitering. You’re hired!

      Now comes the hard part. Send me a brief bio and an image that you’d be happy for the world to see to and I’ll set you up with HR. There’s an amazing benefits package that comes with the position. But don’t tell the rest of the staff. I find keeping them vaguely unsatisfied makes them a bit more keen. *wink wink*


  2. Congrats to you guys! Weren’t you on there for awhile now? By the way, I can’t tell you how psyched I am to be a small part of an actual humor blog that’s been recognized as such by WordPress. I can die happy now.


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