The following sign:


On the outside of a hospital:


Which is next to 3 of these:

 parking garage

Let me get this straight.  4 people smoking this


is worse than the equivalent of this?


I did my usual in-depth 1 minute search of the internet for the toxins in tobacco and came upon this website

Note, class, that the list is in alphabetical order (You know me–I have to point out the most important things first):

 Here are a few of the chemicals in tobacco smoke, and other places they are found:

  • Acetone – found in nail polish remover
  • Acetic Acid – an ingredient in hair dye
  • Ammonia – a common household cleaner
  • Arsenic – used in rat poison
  • Benzene – found in rubber cement
  • Butane – used in lighter fluid
  • Cadmium – active component in battery acid
  • Carbon Monoxide – released in car exhaust fumes
  • Formaldehyde – embalming fluid
  • Hexamine – found in barbecue lighter fluid
  • Lead – used in batteries
  • Naphthalene – an ingredient in moth balls
  • Methanol – a main component in rocket fuel
  • Nicotine – used as insecticide
  • Tar – material for paving roads
  • Toluene – used to manufacture paint


Now I can go outside and have a cigarette!

Now I can go outside and have a cigarette!

So then if you have dyed hair, you’re wearing nail polish and you’re a maid/janitor for a funeral home who is cleaning around the coffins while applying bug spray as part of your job, that’s better than smoking cigarettes in front of a hospital with 3 parking garages?

Just so you know—I’m not a smoker, but I’ve had cars and husbands that were.

Next, I asked the same question about car exhaust (I simply exchanged “tobacco” for “car exhaust” in the search engine. I’m lazy like that) and the first thing to come up was this:

Carbon dioxide (CO2), considered the largest contributor to greenhouse climate change, accounts for more than 80 percent of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. One-third of these emissions come from the transportation sector. Carbon dioxide emissions originate almost entirely from fossil fuel consumption, and two-thirds of U.S. fuel consumption is used for transportation.  

Since I don’t believe in global warming, I looked elsewhere.   I consulted a very reliable source:  Wikipedia. 

Included in their breakdown of funky things lurking in your vehicle exhaust are:

  • Hydrocarbons
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Nitrogen
  • Nitrogen Oxides
  • Sulfur Dioxide

How many people smoking cigarettes in front of a hospital does it take to create that much poison?  Only the ones driving cars.

Ever since I read that an honor student was suspended from school for having aspirin in her purse, I’ve wondered, “Is common sense dead?”

Until I see this sign on a school:

no zero

I’m going to have to say a big, fat, YES.

…which leads me to…





The following took all of 10 seconds to find on the internet:

Here are the first 12 headlines:

  • 5th grade student suspended over nasal spray
At least he wasn't trying to stick deodorant up his nose.

At least he wasn’t trying to stick deodorant up his nose.

  • 7th grader facing 180 day suspension for yawning and accidentally touching a teacher
  • Student Handcuffed and Arrested from School for Burping.
  • Students Suspended for Singing in Cafeteria
  • 9 year old suspended from school for sexual harassment after calling teacher cute
  • 12 year old boy suspended over bringing an inhaler to school
  • Special-ed student, 7, handcuffed by cops at Queens school after Easter egg tantrum
  • Student Arrested Over Spilled Milk
  • Kindergartener Gets Suspended for Crying
  • 11 Year Old Arrested For Drawing a Violent Stick Figure At School
  • In Fairfax Schools, Acne Drugs Can Get You Suspended.
  • Student suspended for politely holding the door open for someone else

Except if you’re school personnel or a politician.

   Yes, I remember a time when

  • friends took their pickups to school with guns on the gun racks.
  • You could pay cash for a plane ticket and walk straight to the gate with your family without being felt up.
  • The police didn’t have riot gear and tanks shouting, “Resistance is futile.”
7 of 9

Thank you 7 of 9 for turning a generation of men into zombies.

  • We could hang our feet out the back of the station wagon and our parents wouldn’t be hauled off to jail.
  • No one reported people for taking pictures of a naked infant, and
  • Your teacher borrowed your Swiss army knife to peel the apple you just gave her.

Miracle of miracles that I’m still alive!  I wonder how that happened? 

Maybe it’s because we don’t need all those F*&%^#@ restrictions?

In fact,  so many of us boomers are alive today the only way you’re going to pay out all that social security to the ones retiring is by printing bogus currency.  

Put that in a zero tolerance graphic novel primer for high school and smoke it.

Okay!  So there’s more than 2 things that don’t make sense to me.