This week on NWR, we bring you The Saturday Six from Long Awkward Pause. Blogdramedy is unavailable for posting this week as she is undercover as a patient with occipital neuralgia and finding out all there is to know about acupuncture and whether a needle in her foot will take away the pain in her neck. The staff at NWR all volunteered to be HER pain in the neck but she graciously declined.

Check out The Nudge Wink Report and see if LAP nailed it. *wink wink*

 saturday six

 Nailed it!

That’s right…we told a joke that your Great Uncle Herbert or your Dad might tell. It’s not beneath us.

We went for the cheap laughs.

We will do it again.



We do not  feel like we have had enough to drink yet…nor do we feel like we are ruining Little Johnny’s 6th birthday party!

Just so you know, we are not just about the bad jokes or falling drunk in the pool at kid’s birthday parties…

…actually we are.

Never mind all that,  here are some interesting nail facts to educate you:

1) Fingernails grow an average of 3.5 millimeters per month. 

-That’s slower than a killer Brown Bear’s nails but faster than Bear Grylls nails. He tends to bite them off and use them for shelter.

2) Nails are made out of the same stuff as hair.

-So if you are bald, just save a…

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