It’s the afternoon of June 7th and Oma is…somewhere else. We don’t know where he is and we’ve checked all the usual places.


Good thing we follow Long Awkward Pause and we know they won’t mind the reblog. If you see Oma, tell him we are concerned. Not so much about him or his post but about the snacks he promised office staff.

If you know his whereabouts, please let us know in the comment section. So we can decide the appropriate punishment. Feel free to suggest some of your own.

 saturday six

The bed time story…

A tradition that is fading fast. Now instead of the bedtime story being read by an ever tired parent, it’s usually the TV or an Iphone that lulls the child into a deep, deep, slumber.

That’s pretty sad.

We, at Long Awkward Pause, are working on an app that will read children’s stories for you, kind of combing the old world traditions with the new world ADHD inducing devices. You can even pick which voice you would like it read to your child:

1) Wheezing Grandpa

2) Drunk Mom

3) Squeaky Teen Babysitter

4) Sad Dad

5) Oxygen Tank Grandma

 Why you ask would we do this?

Because Long Awkward Pause cares…we care about your children and we care about making money.

The app costs $1.29.

Happy Saturday!



Ned: The companion book, “Mommy Has Funny Toys” was especially helpful for those of us with single moms.

Chris: I…

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