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Governor Christie – Innocent.

So, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has been exonerated of any wrong doing in the matter of closing down bridge traffic lanes to flood Fort Lee, New Jersey with traffic. Why would anyone do such a thing? To punish the Mayor of Fort Lee for daring to back someone whose name wasn’t Chris Christie in the last election.

The Governor was cleared by an impeccable source. Himself. He says he didn’t do it. Well, to be fair, a lawyer he hired to say he didn’t do it, says he didn’t do it. So there you have it. The man is innocent.

I’d like to take this opportunity to apologize to Mr. Christie for thinking he was complicit in an ugly situation simply because all the evidence pointed to that being the truth.

Christie’s innocence has moved me to feel bad about how I look at a number of other people who all the evidence indicated were guilty. With that in mind, I also want to apologize to:

OJ Simpson – whose golf course based hunt for the killer of his ex-wife was put on hold because evidence caused him to be incarcerated for robbery.

Richard Nixon – whose time in office was cut short because pesky evidence made it look like he’d been involved in some skullduggery. He told us he wasn’t a crook. Why didn’t we believe him before it was too late?

Oscar Pistorius – While the famous South African paralympic athlete  is still currently a free man, that darned evidence makes him look like a murderer. He’s said he isn’t a murderer. Evidence is so silly.

But mostly, I want to apologize again to Governor Christie. I’m so glad that you hired someone to make it clear to me how wrong I was.





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23 thoughts on “Governor Christie – Innocent.

  1. Am I the only one who’s chomping at the bit in anticipation of C.C.’s next move into the exciting world of TV talk? He’s going to be more quotable than Toronto’s Rob Ford, more controversial than Jack Kevorkian and more photogenic than…well, two outta three, right?


  2. Yes, there’s a mile long list of people we need to apologize to because they or someone they hired said they’re innocent. Who are we to be so cynical and suspicious?! The people who still think Christie had nothing to do with it are delusional. If you introduced another viable suspect, like the Easter Bunny, they’d be even more convinced that Christie is innocent. Can’t wait for the independent investigations to show the opposite. Those lawyers of Christie’s didn’t even interview or investigate the three that got canned!


  3. It’s too late for him to appear on “Piers Morgan” on CNN because the show has been cancelled.
    I wonder how long it takes before Mr. Christie makes his debut appearance on “Housewives of New Jersey?”


  4. This is only the beginning, of course. The governor has gone for broke with his denial. At least the Tea Party knows they can count on him to say whatever it takes. If this just “blows over” then that is a sad state for this country.


    1. Oh they’ll all say anything. It’s shameful. My dad told me when I was a kid that “anyone who’d spend a million dollars to get a hundred thousand dollar a year job isn’t trustworthy”.

      I’ve found that true. Based on the figures, it’s also true that I was a kid a lonnnng time ago.


  5. (laughing) Nice one, Oma.

    Didn’t Christie play himself as the first victim in the film ‘Seven’? The victim of gluttony? I’m sure that was him.


  6. If you want a politician not afraid to spend $1 million in taxpayer funds clearing his own name, Chris Christie is your man. That tender approach to handling the public’s money is sure to please the tea party folks if not the rest of us. Much like Gov. Bobby Jindal burning through the public’s money to fight a parody billboard. The important work of the people must be done!

    I remember back when Christie took flak from some on the right because he dared to be polite to President Obama. I know! But that moved him up a notch in my book, at least for a while.

    Now I’m left with a feeling of disappointment. Why do they always have to turn out like this? My theory is that the minute a human being wins an election they suddenly believe all that “special snowflake uniqueness” crap and they horribly change and/or accentuate the basest parts of themselves that were already lurking below the surface.

    Do yourself a favor. Never be elected.


  7. Once Chris reaches his dream goal of becoming President he can bully, I mean belly, up to Putin. You wanna build a bridge to Crimea? Just you wait buddy. Til rush hour.


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