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Twitter is *flying* high now

The news late Thursday that Twitter was going public left Twitterers twerking in triple-time.

Why the long wait?

Because it’s taken them up until now to design a business plan based on 140-character memos.

The bird men of San Francisco.
Flying high now, the bird men of San Francisco are naming their next venture, “ADRIAN!”

From the beginning, the founders of Twitter knew people would flock to sign up to their social media site. Millions of early birds took a bite of the worm and it seems they liked what they tasted. Not a group to be caged by their inability to construct complete sentences, many newbies made honest mistakes as they climbed on to the back of the blue bird for their first flight into brevity.

But they soon broke out of their shells and quickly made a nest for themselves, showing off their feathers with Twitter’s design tools and pecking away in the hopes that followers would swoop in and not shit on their keyboards. Yes, there have been some messy moments when newspapers didn’t catch all the droppings. They have laid a few rotten eggs. Like when the “fail” whale appeared for the first time.

We all thought the rule of only 140 characters was a bit severe. We came to understand it was necessary to keep that whale under water where he belonged and not flitting about our computer screens with little birds pecking at his head. So we learned to write in short, snappy sentences while getting really good at watching our character countdown while we typed. I’m really happy I wore rimless glasses at the time I was starting out. If I’d been wearing my “Buddy Holly” black-framed glasses, I’d still be on Facebook.

Just thinking about that makes me want to sharpen my beak.

With the introduction of the hashtag, Twitter really took flight. It was a chance for us to fly in formation as we hunted for followers who were our “birds of a feather.” We were flying high on the wings of creativity and social causes, and we refused to be caged. And just when we though it couldn’t get any better, Twitter introduced an app.

It was an orgasmic event felt around the world and we’re still glistening from the experience.

With every new version, Twitter gives us something to chirp about. Sure, there are other social media sites that attract our attention. Facebook and Google+ have their faithful following. But nobody’s plumage is as enticing or seductive as Twitter’s feathery charms.

Those of us who survive — THRIVE — on the crumbs of few words? Twitter and us…we’re just a couple of love birds.

Twitter, we wish you all the best. Your stock is *cheep* at any price.

Is this now the hashtag for success?
Is this now the hashtag for success?


Blogdramedy is a recovering communications specialist who now spends her days helping non-profits communicate effectively. They rarely listen to her advice. When she's not doing that, she writes Upside of Sideways and is a field reporter for The Nudge Wink Report -- both on WordPress.

16 thoughts on “Twitter is *flying* high now

  1. Few things (other than mirrors and my wardrobe) make me feel as old as Twitter. I’ve tried, really tried to make a place for myself there, and I’ve failed miserably. I can’t seem to join onto any popular hashtags and have even less success generating any of my own. Gotta run, it’s time for my morning nap. #twitterfail


  2. Well, this was a bit of a love-fest post. Someone must be hoping for some free shares. Don’t forget your friends here on NWR when you strike it rich. WE LOVE YOU BABY! (I’ll send you my private banking information…don’t tell the others.)


  3. As a big twitter fan I would have to agree with most of the above. Although, I have those moments as well when I feel like 1pointperspective (who really is quite funny on twitter).
    I am have trouble adjusting to not being able to use tweetdeck anymore…there are so many things I used it for that I can’t figure out now on twitter. It makes me sad.


    1. Thanks for showing Dave some Twitter love. He IS hilarious.

      Twitter is just going through some growing pains. When the novocain wears off, I’m sure they’ll introduce some new features that will have us gasping in awe. Really, they need to hire me to do their PR. *grin*


  4. Recently I had dinner at a fancy restaurant for my wedding anniversary. It was one of those restaurants where they make you sit family style with strangers, because, you know, nothing says “good eats” like spending top dollar with a bunch of people you don’t know.

    Because it was a special occasion I tried to have a personality and actually engage in conversation with life forms.

    During the meal the topic of Twitter came up amongst the assembled highbrow eaters and they pshawed it. That’s when I leaped in and defended Twitter’s honor. “It’s an art form,” I said. Then I explained the concept of the drabble, 30-word stories and the BlogShorts challenges.

    Dare I say it, I think I changed some minds that night will eating pig head!


    1. Once again I must don my cloak of hero worship and bow down before you. This thing is getting rather tatty.

      I am all astonishment there are still people who haven’t tasted the splendor of the perfect tweet. But then, they may sour the experience for the rest of us.

      You took your lady love out for some fine dining. I hope you left a really large tip. *grin*


  5. I am not sure what the character count in this post’s use of bird puns, though I suspect it is high by most standards, I feel it was well played. Now I want to be on twitter, uh, one more thing: What is a hashtag? Seriously I don’t know…I feel a lot like Dr Evil sometimes.


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