You’re blocking the blocking of this new blog.

Wait. What are you doing here? Nudge and Wink asked you to stop by and pillage the WordPress craft service tent? Sounds like something they’d suggest but we’re still in preproduction.

We’re working to a deadline and we’ve got to finish the set design. Then there’s the negotiation of “perks” going on with the contributing writers and don’t get me started about hairdressing and makeup. Who knew these guys would be so concerned with who looks more “fetching” especially when you consider they’re running a BLOG? Last I heard, you could do that naked while practicing arm farts.

Seriously, I need to retire my guild card. Okay, have a look around, and here are some passes to the welcome post August 24th.

Yes, they are VIP passes.
Yes, the commenting is free.
Yes, you can bring a friend.
Yes, you may take a doughnut.

No, I can’t get you backstage. There is no backstage. It’s a blog

The Nudge Wink Report. Coming soon to WordPress.